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Department:文学院 Education Level:University graduated Gender:Male Degree:学士 Status:在职
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Research Projects


Release time:2021-11-19
Affiliation of Participant(s): 文学院
Leading Scientist: youxilin
Type of Research Outcome: 基础研究
Sub-Class of Project: 05_sk_source
Type of Project: 基础研究
Supported by: 教育部人文社科研究项目
Project level: 省部级一般
Project Participants: 妥建清,傅美蓉,杨庙平,王晓峰
Project Number: 10YJC751083
Date of Project Approval: 2010-11-30
Scheduled completion time: 2012-12-31
Date of Project Completion: 2015-03-11