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Amos Sue

Basic information
Name (English):Amos Sue Department:国家安全学院(政法与公共管理学院) Education Level:博士研究生 Gender:Male Contact Degree:法学博士学位 Status:在职 Alma Mater:清华大学 Discipline:国家安全学
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Research Projects


Release time:2022-01-23
Leading Scientist: Amos Sue
Sub-Class of Project: 04_sk_source
Type of Project: 基础研究
Supported by: 国家社科基金项目
Project level: 国家级一般
Project Participants: Su Guangen,Cui shan shan,顾家宁
Project Number: 纵20220019
First-Level Discipline: 政治学
Date of Project Approval: 2021-09-24
Scheduled completion time: 2024-06-30
Project Approval Number: 21CZZ013