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Supervisor of Master's Candidates
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Department:生命科学学院 Education Level:博士研究生 Gender:Male Contact Degree:理学博士学位 Status:在职 Alma Mater:陕西师范大学 Discipline:Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Paper Publications

Changes in physicochemical properties, enzymatic activities, and the microbial community of soil significantly influence the continuous cropping of Panax quinquefolius L. (American ginseng)

Release time:2021-11-19
Journal: plant and soil
Co-author: 王展宇,党凯凯,张淑柯,王喆之
Correspondence Author: 王世强
Volume: 463
Page Number: 427-446
ISSN No.: 0032-079X
Translation or Not: no
CN No.: 陕西师范大学
Date of Publication: 2021-03-26